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About us

We are here to supply you with the best travel tips & articles, digital resources and high quality travel equipment & accessories. All our efforts tend to make your next travel experience more fun, comfortable, efficient and enjoyable.

MyTravelSupply was founded by a team of adventurers, who are passionate and travel "since before it was cool". The company is pretty new on the market, yet it emerged when the people behind have the most experience to share, most contacts to scale the project and access to the best global suppliers to deliver high end products to their customers. We currently focus on clients from USA & Canada, yet later we will expand the product delivery worldwide.

Our Vision

Our team is working to inspire you to travel more, to explore the world, meet different people and cultures – as we believe this is one of the most valuable experiences that you can get from life. No matter if you are a travelling novice or veteran there is a place for you on our website as you can find a lot of useful products & information.

Our Goals

We want to spark the "Traveler's mindset" in all those people who don't know where to start from and for those who do we want that fire blazing. Our goals are also to deliver the best travel content, products and the highest quality customer service.

We strive to improve ourselves!

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